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APOS -A Piece Of Sky, is the creation of David Szabo, an Australia-born artist

who has made Asia, and specifically Hong Kong, his home for over 20 years.

David's art is unique and very graphic. Having worked on many interior design projects,

David is sensitive to the practical role art plays in creating, or harmonising with, a mood in a room.


His Limited Edition Original Fine Art Prints are often tinged with melancholy,

a reflection of the artist's own feelings towards a world changing (not for the better) around him.

The concept of APOS comes originally from the Cantonese expression, 'Yat Pin Tin' - A Piece of Sky.

He explains it as, everyone, no matter where they may be, or who they are,

are born with their own piece of this world, which comes with the duty

to cherish and protect it.

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